FINPOLCONSULT provides financial and economic research, legal-regulatory design and other analytical services in the financial and real estate sectors

For private sector clients:

- market and market entry analysis,

- business process and competition analysis.

For public sector clients and trade groups:

- design of laws and regulations - in both financial regulation (e.g. covered bonds) and consumer protection -, 

- design of public policies oriented towards improving affordability and access to finance, subsidies and taxation,

- design of market infrastructure elements, such as house price indices,

- policy mediation in the above areas between public and private sector.


- Private sector: Nykredit, Countrywide, Geosor Corp (Soros), Absalon, Hypoport, Credit Foncier de France, Bausparkasse Schwaebisch Hall.

- Public sector: World Bank / International Finance Corporation, EBRD, European Commission (DG Markt), Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau.

- Trade groups: Verbraucherzentralen Bundesverband, Verband deutscher Pfandbriefbanken, Bundesinstitut fuer Bau-, Stadt- und Raumforschung, Polish Banking Association, Gyoder (Turkish Real Estate Developer Association).


- Larger consulting firms: Mercer Oliver Wyman, London Economics, Deloitte, Institut fuer Finanzdienstleistungen, Contacto Consultores (Sao Paulo), Urban Institute  (Washington).

- Academia: Wharton School / University of Pennsylvania.


- Europe: European Union (specifically Denmark, Sweden, U.K., Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Rep, Slovakia, Romania), Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Turkey.

- Americas: U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina.

- Middle East and Africa: South Africa, Eritrea, West Bank Gaza, Turkey, Egypt.

- Asia: Iran, Korea, Philippines, India.


FINPOLCONSULT founder Hans-Joachim Dübel looks back on 20 years of professional experience, starting with his involvement in European housing and housing finance policy debate as an empirica consultant in the early 1990s.

Before founding  FINPOLCONSULT in Berlin in 2004, he worked on staff of the Financial Sector Development Department at the World Bank in Washington.

Achim is a pioneer of internationally comparative mortgage and housing sector analysis. He has been an early warner regarding the systemic risks imposed by faulty sector design and practices, including in the United States and Western Europe.